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For Lionel Train enthusiasts the name “Madison Hardware” invokes thoughts of toy train treasures stacked to the ceiling of a small Manhattan store front. For over ninety years Madison Hardware supplied New York, and later Detroit, with the Lionel Trains that millions of children longed for. The Madison Hardware Story is more than just toy trains. It is the story of a store and how it’s owners impacted an entire collectible’s market.

Over 200 unpublished photographs of Madison Hardware. Explore inside Madison’s warehouses, a place where the public was forbidden to visit. Informative and entertaining anecdotes from the people closest to Madison Hardware. Including trusted friends and employees, former owner Richard Kughn, and longtime customers. Comprehensive information on Lionel parts and special products produced by Madison Hardware.

The Madison Hardware Story is now available. Visit to order the book. 

Pricing for the book ranges from $39.95 to $49.95 The book is an 8.5 x 11 hard cover with 152 full color pages.

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The Madison Hardware Story
The Madison Hardware StoryMonday, December 11th, 2017 at 2:15pm

As Christmas draws near, I am reminded of the thousands of customers that Madison Hardware served over the years. Here is a passage from Robert Callahan's Christmas Eve experience as told in The Madison Hardware Story.

"Of the more interesting stories we have about shopping there, this is one of my favorite: Before Christmas Eve of 1956, my father had been down there. He let them know he wanted the #2360 Pennsylvania GG-1, saying he'd be back for it. They made contact and they said, " We have it here for you." I guess in the Christmas rush he couldn't get down there before Christmas Eve. My parents weren't married yet; so, my mother, Julia, drove him down. While my father goes into the store to get the locomotive, she's circling the block. The brothers would keep a bottle of alcohol out by the registers for regular customers during the Christmas season. When you were in there making a purchase, they'd offer you a drink as well. I remember a bottle of scotch. Keep in mind, Christmas Eve traffic is pretty crazy. Can you imagine, not even married yet, my mother circling the block for an hour so my father can buy his GG-1 while family is waiting for them to begin their Christmas Eve festivities?"

The Madison Hardware Story
The Madison Hardware StoryWednesday, November 1st, 2017 at 12:07pm

Hello again everyone! It's November 1st, that means we can start playing Christmas music right?!? Seriously though, we hope everyone enjoyed the rest of their Summer. It was busy and productive for us. For our New York area friends, be sure to look for The Madison Hardware Story on the shelves of ALL THREE New York Transit Museum locations this holiday season. It should be easier to find than trying to find something at 105 East 23rd.